Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy - Nir Ezion Hotel Agricultural Cooperative Ltd.

A. Overview

1. We at Nir Ezion Hotel Agricultural Cooperative Ltd. (henceforth: "the Hotel" or "Nir Ezion Hotel") respect the privacy of our customers, and view protecting their privacy and information security as our goal and as something of great value and importance. As such, we give you our commitment to following the policy specified below (henceforth: "the Privacy Policy").

The goal of this policy is to explain how we operate with regard to your privacy, and how we use the personal information (as defined by law, henceforth: "the Personal Information") that you give us, or that we collected when you are our customer and during your stay at the Hotel.
The Privacy Policy is in addition to the general terms of use that you commit to when making a reservation and/or staying at the Hotel, and the contents of this policy are meant to add to those terms, without detracting from them, and constitute an integral part of those terms.

2. Wherever the words "you" or "your" appear in this Privacy Policy, the intent is anyone using the Hotel's services, and the personal and other information concerning those users.
3. Who are we, and how can we be contacted?
Nir Ezion Hotel operates the database(s) that your details will be saved in.
You are invited to contact us with any question, concern or other issue tied to your Personal Information, by sending us an inquiry to our e-mail address, at

B. The information about you that we collect and store

1.          We collect and store information about you when providing you various services at your request, during the Hotel management's normal business hours. Among other things, we collect and save the information that you provide while browsing onour website, when making a reservation, during the check-in process, during your stay at the Hotel, and during check-out. Moreover, information may be collected when a call is made to our call center, when a purchase or order is made on our website, when people visit our Hotel as either visitors or guests, from travel agents, from various loyalty programs, from polling firms and from various other service providers we work with. This is done either directly or indirectly, through third party systems and/or business partners and/or third parties tied to the Hotel.
You are not obligated to provide us this information. Unfortunately, though, in certain cases, if you do not provide us this information, we will not be able to provide you with the services you are requesting. For instance, you will not be able to book a room at the Hotel without providing personal details, as required in the booking process.

2. In this regard, we may collect the following information about you, inter alia:

Your full name, mailing address, e-mail address, telephone number and other contact details, details on your country of citizenship, the license plate number of the vehicle you own, or the vehicle in which you arrived at the Hotel, details from your ID card, driver's license or passport, credit card details, financial data about you and the purchases you made at the Hotel, details on your family members, including your children, details on people who stayed with you at the Hotel, special requests and requirements during your stay at the Hotel, activities and/or treatments that you purchased during your stay, specific food sensitivities that you told us about, medical information you chose to share with us for your stay at the Hotel, and any other detail you shared with us during your stay at the Hotel, either directly or indirectly.

3. Please note that the facilities and public spaces in the Hotel are monitored with a closed-circuit camera surveillance system, designed to ensure your security and the security of Hotel employees. We save this footage for periods of no more than 30 days, in accordance with the relevant laws.
Moreover, when you browse the internet at the Hotel and/or visit our website, the Hotel systems (including third-party systems employed by and on behalf of the Hotel) may collect your login data, the device you used to access the internet, your IP address, and so on. We use this data, inter alia, to improve our service and our website.

4.  The use of cookies.
Our internet sites use "cookies" and other technological means for the purposes of routine and proper management, and to improve the services provided through those sites. Cookies are small files embedded into a browser and/or a user's device that is accessing the website. They are used by the website and the systems running on the website to identify users and collect data on users’ activities on the website.
Some of the cookies we use are meant to keep our website functioning properly and securely. The website wouldn't work properly unless the cookies are embedded into the browser. The other reason we use cookies is to collect statistical data and other data on your use of the website. We use this data to improve the website, to customize it for you, to remember your login details so that you won't need to re-enter them every time you visit the site, and so forth. Furthermore, we use cookies that reference or forward data to third-party systems in order to conduct statisticalanalysis and learning on the use of the website, and in order to identify your personal preferences and customize the advertisements and your experience on the website. We use some of this data and these systems to tailor the advertisements we have on the website and on social media sites to your needs and ours.
If you are not interested in receiving cookies when visiting our website, you can avoid them by changing your browser settings and blocking the option of embedding cookies on your computer. Moreover, you can erase your browser history at any time, and delete cookies embedded on your computer when doing so. However, please keep in mind that this might affect your user experience on the website.

5. Furthermore, it's important to note that when using and visiting the website, advertisements and offers of products and services are displayed. These are not embedded by us, but rather, by third parties whom we authorize to use website space for advertising. These third parties can and may use cookies that aren't directly connected to the website, based on the privacy terms and conditions of those third parties.

C. The Use of Your Data

1. We may use your Personal Information to contact you in order to provide services, to coordinate your stay at the Hotel and/or to make changes and/or updates to your order, to update your Personal Information stored on our systems and/or changes to our Privacy Policy, to provide you and your family members better service during your stay at the Hotel and during any future stay, to respond to your inquiries and/or inquiries related to your data, to ensure your safety and the safety of other guests at the Hotel and Hotel employees, to comply with legal requirements and transfer information to the authorities, as prescribed by law, and to make any other use meant to allow you to benefit from the Hotel's services safely and properly.

2. Furthermore, we use your data for aggregative and statistical purposes, along with the data of other customers, to improve our Services and streamline our activities at the Hotel, while maintaining your privacy and minimizing the use of your Personal Information whenever possible.

3. Finally, we may use the contact details you provide us with to send you commercial and marketing offers of various kinds, messages on sales and special events, a periodic newsletter on sales and updates, and to adjust these offers to your needs. We emphasize that we do so in accordance with the law and with your consent, in the instances that require us to do so. At any time, if you no longer wish to continue receiving these special offers and sales, you can, of course, contact us and ask that you be removed from our mailing list.
4. The legal base for us collecting and processing your data could be one of the officially recognized legal bases, including the existence of a contract between us and the provision of services at your request, the protection of our legitimate business interests, the fulfillment of a legal duty, or the receipt of consent from you. The data that you send us will be saved in our systems and databases for a variable period, in accordance with our business interests and legal provisions. This period will be determined, inter alia, based on our need to provide you with better service in the future and during future stays at the Hotel, to send you the aforementioned marketing and commercial offers and fulfill our legal obligations, as well as to safeguard our legal interests in the event of any future claim and/or dispute that may arise.

D. Protecting and safeguarding your data

1. We are committed to protecting and safeguarding your data, and using appropriate and accepted means of protection to protect and safeguard the integrity and confidentiality of the data stored in our systems. Nonetheless, like any other system, we are unable to fully and absolutely guarantee our systems' security, so we do not guarantee that our systems will be completely immune to any penetration and/or unauthorized access. We meticulously ensure that any data transfer to a third party in the course of, and for the purposes of our business activities is done in accordance with procedures and processes that guarantee that those third parties use and implement proper and sufficient means of security.

Data transfers to third parties

1. We may send the Personal Information that you send us to third parties, in order to provide you with services, such as placing an order at the Hotel. Furthermore, we may send your Personal Information to third parties in other settings, such as cases where we are under a legal obligation to do so, or when we are permitted to do so in accordance with legal provisions and our commercial interests. We may also, in the course of our regular activities, use and/or avail ourselves of external systems and suppliers providing us various services.

2. In such cases, we take care to use suppliers and systems with a high level of security and privacy protection, and ascertain that only the data needed by third party to conduct the requested activity will be sent, subject to the third party's commitment to maintain the privacy of the data, as required, and subject to the receipt of guarantees, as the law requires us.

F. Inspecting, correcting and deleting data

1. According to the Protection of Privacy Law of 1981, an individual is entitled to inspect the data about him saved in a database. Of course, this is a right that you are entitled to, as well. If you inspect the data about you that is saved in our systems, and find it to be incorrect, incomplete, or out of date, you may contact us and request that we correct or delete the data. Moreover, and inasmuch as the data relates only to direct mailing services to you (as defined in the law), you are entitled to demand that we delete your contact information from our databases. In such a case, we will delete the data items used to send you commercial offers. However, other data items may continue being saved in our systems and databases, as prescribed by law. You may contact us at the e-mail address specified at the beginning of this policy for these purposes. We will reply and respond to your message as soon as possible. If we deny your request, you are, of course, entitled to appeal to the magistrate court, in accordance with legal provisions, and request that it order us to honor your request. We also note that residents of the European Union may be entitled to other rights, based on the provisions of European regulations. If this is relevant to your case, you are welcome to contact us with any such request.

G. Updates and changes to the Privacy Policy

We will be entitled to change and update the Privacy Policy from time to time. If material changes are made to the Privacy Policy regarding Personal Information about you that is saved in our systems, a message to that effect will be posted on our website. By using and continuing to use our website, staying at our Hotel and/or purchasing our services, you are consenting to this Privacy Policy and to the changes and updates made to it from time to time.