Declaration of Accessibility

 Declaration of Accessibility
The hotel's policy is to implement the legal provisions concerning the accessibility of buildings and infrastructure. Moreover, for many years, we have made a point of ensuring fair employment and opportunities for all of our employees. This includes employing disabled workers. Website accessibility allows hotel guests, including guests with disabilities, to use the website comfortably and easily, and maximize their user experience. If, when viewing this site, you have encountered a problem and/or difficulty, please notify us as soon as possible, so that we can continue improving and enhancing accessibility to all our guests. Special adaptations to make the hotel accessible and accessibility features are specified on the relevant page of the hotel's website.

Any questions and/or requests for information can be sent to Sarah, the hotel's accessibility coordinator in the reservation department, at +972 (0)4-049845507.

Accessibility arrangements:
We are doing our utmost to ensure that the hotel is accessible to people with all types of disabilities. For your convenience, the accessibility features available to you at the hotel are provided below.

Disabled parking:
There are two disabled parking spots at the hotel.

The main entrance to the hotel:
There is a wheelchair ramp located at the main entrance to the hotel.

Public restrooms for the disabled:
These restrooms are located at Floors 1, 2, 3 and 4.
The width of the doorways is 90 centimeters.
A folding handrail is available.

Reception desk:
There is an audio induction loop system at the reception desk, available to hearing-impaired guests. There is a lowered and adapted desk as well. The hotel offers a service providing hearing-impaired guests with assistive equipment for use in the hotel rooms.

An accessible means of entry into the pool is provided.
A wheelchair lift is installed at the pool.

Elevator doorway width: 90 cm.
Elevator size: 132 by 142 cm.
Elevators are equipped with audio announcement systems.

Room 201:
2nd floor
The distance from the elevator is about 2 meters.
Doorway width: 90 cm.

Room 301:
3rd floor
The distance from the elevator is about 2 meters.
Doorway width: 90 cm.

Room 401:
4th floor
The distance from the elevator is about 2 meters.
Doorway width: 90 cm.

Dining room:
An accessible means of entry for the dining room is provided.
Height of the self-serve counter: 85 cm.
The staff has been instructed to assist disabled guests upon request.

Other amenities:
Parking spots adjacent to the main entrance, designated as disabled parking, are available to guests arriving for a hotel stay in a vehicle with a disabled parking badge.

At the guest's request, the height of the bed may be adjusted, and the furniture in the adaptive room can be moved.
Audio systems (receivers and amplifiers), as well as accessible furniture, are installed the halls.