Mehadrin Vacation

Vacation for the religious public

Vacation for the religious public–to have fun with your family in the heart of nature
Are you looking for a kosher resort for the observant, without having to compromise on the standard of hospitality, quality of food and level of activities?
Nir Etzion Resort is the place for you. The hotel is especially suited to a vacation for all sectors of the religious and ultra-Orthodox community, who wish to spend their vacation in an elegant and stylish location that is full of charm and interest.
In addition, the isolation from an urban center and the location within a religious moshav (cooperative settlement) create an ideal framework for a vacation for observant or ultra-Orthodox Jews wanting to enjoy peace and relaxation for both children and adults.
The strictly observed Kashrut every year (products authorized by Rabbi Landa and the Haredi community) places the hotel at the top of the hotels that excel in their standards of Kashrut in Israel, and allows our guests who strictly observe Kashrut to be guests all year round.
Like every vacation hotel for the observant, on Shabbat and Festivals there is a very special atmosphere in the hotel, while strictly observing Shabbat.
The hotel's staff and facilities are ready to make your stay a pleasant one and to help with your vacation on Shabbat and the Festivals.

Available for your comfort:

  • Elegant spacious rooms
  • Connecting doors in most rooms
  • Hotel Synagogue with extensive Torah library
  • Central Shabbat clock
  • Shabbat elevator
  • Sink for ritual hand-washing in most hotel rooms
  • Swimming pool, covered and heated, with separate swimming times for men and women
  • Traditional Shabbat and Festival meals
  • Lighting of Shabbat candles in the dining room
  • Mikve (ritual bath) in Moshav Nir Etzion
  • Lectures, lessons and activities for the religious/ultra-Orthodox community

a range of activities

Vacation for the religious public
a range of activities between the Carmel and the sea Besides the activities in the hotel, the perfect location between the Carmel and the sea offers religious vacation opportunities at any time and season.
The environs of the hotel offer beautiful walking trails that look out over the green Carmel slopes all year round, within an enchanting nature reserve containing hidden beauty spots.
Just a short car trip away one can enjoy tours of a range of historic sites, entertainment and leisure centers, and during the summer some of the most beautiful beaches in Israel, which are segregated and especially adapted to the vacation needs of the religious/ultra-Orthodox community.
Do you want to enjoy a vacation that is different from anything you have ever experienced, in an atmosphere that suits you perfectly?
Come to Nir Etzion Resort for a spiritual vacation and heartfelt hospitality.