Having fun touring the Carmel Forest and the surrounding area

The Carmel Forest and the Haifa area constitute the “Land of Carmel" – a fascinating countryside with boundless landscapes and a unique range of entertainment venues, Shangri-las and points of interest. These are just a few we’d recommend:

  • Some of the most magnificent hiking trails in Israel for the entire family –Bustan River, Hod River, Oren River and more.
  • Extreme sports trails – jeep tours, Tomcar trips, rappelling and horse-riding
  • Water activities – kayaking in the Sea of Galilee, cruises from the Port of Haifa
  • Exotic beaches for swimmers – the Dor-Habonim (Tantura) beaches, the Neve-Yam beach, the Quiet Beach in Haifa (not coed)
  • Skydiving club in Moshav Habonim, the Beit Oren riding ranch
  • Places holy to Judaism, Christianity, Islam, the Baha’i faith and the Druze religion
  • A visit to the museums, galleries and artists’ homes at the Ein Hod Artist Colony.

Information Center

Nir Etzion Resort is a member of the Carmelim – Hof Hacarmel Tourist Association.
The hotel staff will gladly give you information about upcoming activities, attractions, festivals and special events, guide you on the various trails in the Carmel Forest, and offer discount coupons to sites in the area.

Important phone numbers:

The Carmelim Association – 04-8136239
The Haifa Tourist Board – 04-8535606
So in short…get your knapsack and walking stick, and come tour the Carmel Forest!
Have fun!